carrd for an account dedicated to information gathering on nyabeat, kaliacc and other related stuff wether its a joke or not

nyabeat doc

multiple admins on this account. you can probably tell us apart by how we act but we don't really plan on making any distinction otherwise. adds charm

we're not related to the original hellokittyrazorb1ade, we simply took on a name as close as possible so when people look for them they'll find us.

we try to stay mostly neutral and just provide people with information so they can come to their own conclusions. we do occasionally post opinions or share opinions in dms though

dms may be publicized unless the sender explicitly says they are uncomfortable with them being shared, though this varies.

contact us:
twitter: @hellokittyrazor
email address: [email protected]
instagram: @hellokittyrazorb1adee

note: this is alleged
kaliacc is a group. it it has allegedly groomed many young girls, and encouraged eating disorders, self harm, alt right beliefs, homophobia, racism, nazism, transphobia, and more. it was recently once again brought into the public eye by nyabeat, a popular influencer who was outed for allegedly posting/supporting racist pro ana neo nazi queerphobic beliefs. she posted an apology on her account claiming she was groomed and blackmailed into these beliefs by kaliacc before deactivating her account. a popular account dedicated to informing people on the situation, @hellokittyrazorb1ade, claimed that they were really kaliacc and everything was an experiment, backed up by miya, one of the leaders.. the kaliacc server link was posted in @hellokittyrazorb1ade's bio, and because of it a surge of members joined due to nyabeat being a semi popular influencer and people wanting to know what happened. in the server, members openly were saying homophobic, racist, transphobic, and overall bigoted things. though the server rules said such things were not allowed, it was not enforced, with admins partaking in rule breaking.
while this was happening, in the old kaliacc discord server, a new discord server was being passed around called Trashchat.
miya was then allegedly doxxed. what people thought was his face and first name was posted on twitter. assuming the photos are indeed him, he had an ethnic appearance, causing many people in the server to mock him due to it's racist nature. the server was then frozen by miya. shortly after the server was frozen, miya posted an invite link to the aforementioned trashchat, claiming it was the new server. the message has since been deleted, likely due to the fact the link was invalid because trashchat kept getting taken down.
currently, the owner of trashchat claims to have nothing to do with kaliacc, and that they let miya post their server as the new server simply because they wanted clout and twitter followers. they also said that they are friends with nyabeat and that she is in the server.